About us

We are a small family owned business, started in late 2016.

We run our business from our home in a small suburb in Sydney's Norwest. 

Every design you see on this page has been designed by myself, made by my husband and I, personally and individual inspected by us and assembled by us by hand.

Even the packaging and mailing are done by us.

My two little girls also try and "help" occasionally. 

Even before a product is manufactured, it goes through a few days of designing, inspection and redesigning.

And every time I was ready to give up, it was my husband's support and love that kept me going and inspired me to keep going! 

This is a labor of love:

Every aspect of the webpage has been designed by me.

Every app utilized, to make your shopping experience easier, has been researched by me.

I even had to learn a little about coding and have done a little bit of the coding.

Every photo has been taken by me.

I even spent a day researching how to use Instagram :-D  

Please know, that every item you purchase, is a labor of love and handmade with love.